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A new sunroom instantly increases the usable square footage of your home and makes the time you spend there more enjoyable.

We offer a wide variety of styles and manufacturers so you can customize your space with an affordable yet unique room enclosure. Our sunrooms are beautiful walls of glass that bring in sunlight while protecting you from wind, bugs, rain, cold and heat. We offer horizontal or vertical sliders. Vinyl windows and doors are designed and manufactured for years of reliable performance, as well as continuously smooth, easy, and quiet operation. Additionally, our aluminum products include double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails to keep wind and water out, while keeping air conditioning and heating in.

Energy Guide – Custom Window Systems (
With the growing emphasis on greener living, home owners are probably looking for windows that are not only an attractive addition to their home, but also an energy-efficient, cost-saving solution that can withstand the wear and tear of a few decades without diminishing in performance or visual appeal.
The Norandex eXtreme 3000 Double Hung, Sliders, and Picture Windows are the perfect dependable and stylish option for replacement projects. They are:

  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Attractive

eXtreme Series 3000 (

    1. Beveled main frame for attractive appearance
    2. Interlocking sash rails
    3. Standard extruded half-screen, optional full
    4. Insulated glass panels with warm-edge spacer system
    5. Sloped sill
    6. Fusion welded frame and sash
    7. Constant force coil balance system
    8. Twin push button night latches
    9. Integrated lift rail