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Our Gutters and Downspouts are designed to be trouble-free and built to last. Their SEAMLESS construction eliminates troublesome leaks and adds to their flawless appearance. They come in distinctive colors of baked on enamel that won’t chip, crack, flake or peel. We offer 5”, 6”, Half round, and 7” commercial gutters. We offer 3×4 and 4” round downspouts. 

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from potential damage caused by rainwater. Here are several reasons why you need gutters on your house:

  1. Water Management: Gutters help to channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Without gutters, water runoff can pool around the base of your house, leading to soil erosion, foundation cracks, and potential structural issues.

  2. Preventing Basement Flooding: By directing water away from the foundation, gutters reduce the risk of basement flooding. Excess water can seep into the basement through cracks and openings, causing damage to walls, flooring, and belongings.

  3. Protecting Siding and Paint: Gutters prevent water from cascading down the sides of your house, preserving the integrity of your siding and paint. Continuous exposure to rainwater can lead to discoloration, peeling, and deterioration of exterior surfaces.

  4. Preventing Soil Erosion: Without gutters, rainwater can erode the soil around your home, potentially compromising the stability of your foundation and creating uneven landscapes.

  5. Preserving Landscaping: Gutters protect your landscaping by preventing soil erosion and minimizing the impact of heavy rainfall on plants and flower beds located close to the house.

  6. Avoiding Damage to Fascia and Soffit: Gutters help protect the fascia (board running behind the gutter) and soffit (the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section) from water damage. Without proper drainage, these elements can rot over time.

  7. Preventing Mold and Mildew: Excess moisture around the foundation can create an environment conducive to mold and mildew growth. Gutters help maintain a drier foundation, reducing the risk of these issues.

  8. Preserving Walkways and Driveways: Gutters prevent water runoff from saturating walkways and driveways, minimizing the risk of surface erosion and cracking.

Seamless gutters are a type of gutter system that is custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of a house without any seams or joints along the length of the gutter channels. Unlike traditional sectional gutters, which are constructed from smaller sections that are pieced together, seamless gutters are typically formed from a single continuous piece of material.

The seamless design offers several advantages:

  1. Reduced Leaks: Since seamless gutters have fewer joints, there is a lower likelihood of leaks occurring along the gutter system. Traditional sectional gutters can be prone to leakage at the seams, where sections are joined together.

  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Seamless gutters provide a cleaner and more streamlined appearance to the exterior of a house. The absence of visible seams contributes to a more polished and aesthetically pleasing look.

  3. Custom Fit: Seamless gutters are measured and cut on-site to match the exact dimensions of the house. This customization ensures a precise fit and optimal performance, as there are no gaps or seams that could compromise the functionality of the gutter system.

  4. Less Maintenance: With fewer seams, there are fewer areas where debris can accumulate and cause clogs. This can result in reduced maintenance needs and a more efficient water drainage system.

  5. Durability: The absence of seams reduces the risk of wear and tear at the joints, contributing to the overall durability of seamless gutters.

Regular gutter cleaning is essential for maintaining the functionality and integrity of your gutter system, as well as protecting your home from potential damage. Here are several reasons why you need to clean your gutters:

  1. Preventing Water Damage: Gutters are designed to channel rainwater away from your home. If they are clogged with debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, water can overflow and accumulate around the foundation. This can lead to water damage, foundation erosion, and potential structural issues.
  2. Avoiding Basement Flooding: Clogged gutters can cause water to pool around the foundation, increasing the risk of basement flooding. Proper gutter maintenance helps prevent excess water from seeping into your basement through cracks and openings.
  3. Preserving Siding and Paint: When gutters are clogged, water may overflow and run down the sides of your house, potentially damaging siding and causing paint to peel. Regular cleaning helps protect these exterior surfaces, preserving their appearance and structural integrity.
  4. Preventing Mold and Mildew: Excess moisture around the foundation can create an environment conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. Keeping gutters clean helps maintain a dry foundation and minimizes the risk of these issues.
  5. Extending Gutter Lifespan: Regular cleaning helps prevent rust, corrosion, and deterioration of gutter materials. This can extend the lifespan of your gutters, saving you money on repairs or replacements.
  6. Preventing Pest Infestations: Debris-filled gutters can become attractive nesting spots for birds, insects, and rodents. Regular cleaning helps eliminate these potential habitats and reduces the risk of pest infestations around your home.
  7. Maintaining Landscape: Clean gutters prevent water overflow that can damage landscaping and flower beds located near the foundation. This helps preserve the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces.

Shur Flo Gutter Guard Protection stands out as a reliable and effective solution for homeowners looking to safeguard their gutters from debris and ensure optimal water flow. This innovative gutter guard system is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Its unique design consists of a perforated aluminum panel that fits securely on top of existing gutters, preventing leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging the drainage system. Shur Flo’s patented design allows rainwater to flow freely into the gutters while efficiently shedding debris over the edge, ensuring that your gutters remain clear and functional. The durable construction of Shur Flo Gutter Guard Protection means it can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing long-term protection for your home’s foundation, siding, and landscaping. With Shur Flo, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their gutters are well-protected, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and potential damage caused by water overflow.

Yes, gutters come in various styles and colors to suit different architectural styles and preferences. The most common types of gutter styles include:

  1. K-Style Gutters: These gutters have a flat bottom and a decorative front that mimics the appearance of crown molding. K-style gutters are popular for residential applications and come in various sizes to accommodate different levels of rainfall.

  2. Half-Round Gutters: As the name suggests, these gutters have a semi-circular cross-section. Half-round gutters often have a more traditional and decorative look, making them a popular choice for certain architectural styles.

  3. Box Gutters: Typically used in commercial or industrial buildings, box gutters have a square or rectangular shape and are integrated into the building’s structure. They are often custom-made to fit specific design requirements.

Colors for gutters also vary, allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their home’s exterior. We also offer a wide range of color options to match or contrast with the home’s siding, trim, or roof.

Additionally, there are gutter accessories and components available in different styles and colors, such as downspouts, end caps, and gutter guards. This diversity allows homeowners to customize their gutter system to enhance both functionality and curb appeal. When selecting gutters, it’s important to consider not only the style and color but also the material and size to ensure they effectively manage water runoff for your specific location and climate.

We offer top notch commercial gutter service for all apartment complexes, and commercial buildings, at the best possible prices. We have become an essential asset for all commercial clients due to our prompt and efficient service. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to working directly with us for your gutter installation needs. We are fully licensed and insured, our team is equipped with the knowledge to be able to handle large scale jobs.

In Middle Georgia, where the weather is delightful yet bugs abound, you can enhance your outdoor living experience with a brand-new screen room. Whether you’re looking to add this delightful extension to your home or need to re-screen an existing one, we’ve got you covered! Our screen rooms boast a perfect blend of style and modernity, lending a unique charm to the exterior of your home. Using only the finest-grade aluminum extrusions, we construct durable screen walls that come standard with a kick plate and chair rail, although these features can be tailored to your preferences. For those without an existing patio roof, we offer the option to build one using 12” aluminum pans or 3”, 4”, walk-on designs. And if your outdoor haven lacks a concrete foundation, we can handle that for you as well, ensuring your new space is both stylish and structurally sound.

Transforming your outdoor living experience has never been more budget-friendly than with the Vinyl Film Room. Offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional sunrooms, Vinyl Film Rooms come at a fraction of the price, providing a lighter weight solution without compromising on durability. The vinyl material boasts unparalleled resilience, quickly returning to its original shape even if stretched or dented. This makes it an ideal choice for those residing near golf courses or areas frequented by children. The innovative vinyl-glazed panels can be effortlessly raised or lowered, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Whether you seek protection from the elements or a refreshing breeze, these panels offer versatility. Custom-made to fit any space or new construction, designing the perfect outdoor retreat has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Rogers Gutters & Exteriors is renowned for its expertise in constructing high-quality patio additions and outdoor structures, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of residential spaces. With a commitment to excellence, the skilled team at Rogers Gutters & Exteriors seamlessly integrates patio additions into the existing architecture, creating versatile and inviting outdoor areas. Employing top-notch materials and innovative design, they ensure that each patio addition not only complements the home’s style but also withstands the elements, providing homeowners with a durable and attractive outdoor extension.

In addition to patio additions, Rogers Gutters & Exteriors excels in crafting a diverse range of outdoor structures. From pergolas to decks and beyond, the company offers tailor-made solutions to suit individual preferences and lifestyle needs. The dedication to precision and customer satisfaction sets Rogers Gutters & Exteriors apart, making them a trusted choice for homeowners seeking reliable expertise in the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson
So happy I used Roger’s..great service all the way around!
Joey Allen
Joey Allen
I had gutters put up on the back of my home on 10/23/23. It has been 5 months and everything works great. The crew put everything up in just a few hours along with metal gutter guards. Just yesterday 2/21/24 I needed an extra elbow, so I could run the water line under the ground. I stopped by their shop and they gave the the piece for free. I would use their business again and recommend to anyone needing gutter work.
Bryant Quick
Bryant Quick
Rogers Gutters and Exteriors is very professional, efficient, hardworking, and punctual. We got high-quality work at a great price and with great customer service.
Kent J Wolfe
Kent J Wolfe
Rogers Gutters and Exteriors screened our back porch. We couldn't be more pleased. Excellent work, great price. Highly recommended.
Brandi Shugart
Brandi Shugart
Rogers Gutters & Exteriors recently tore down our old screened in porch and built us a new one. Their customer service is top-notch and they cleaned up everything when they left. The guys were very friendly and respectful. Couldn’t be happier without experience.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
It is a Wonderful company to work for. It is a great environment. The staff are great. We build top of the line screen rooms, patios and install great gutters and topper.
Tim Hall
Tim Hall
Rogers Gutters and Exteriors was very easy to work with. Sent pictures of the section of the house that needed gutters. They gave us a very good price, better than other companies. They were out the next day and install the gutters in just a few hours. They did a great job. I would recommend them highly.
Mark Moore
Mark Moore
Very pleased . Did a gutter job and a screen room job for us . very happy with both.
Veronica Shaw
Veronica Shaw
Three professional men showed up today, introduced themselves and put up the backyard screen. They asked me where I wanted the door and finished a beautiful job. They still checked with me before leaving if I liked it! And they finished faster than they thought it take. It looks great! Thank you Daniel, Chris, and Brandon.
Very happy with my new gutters, gave my house a new look! Great price and installation timeline, and everyone at the company I spoke with was professional and courteous. Highly recommend.