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Frequently Asked Questions

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5” gutters are 5” in diameter across the top and are predominantly used on standard residential installations. 6” gutters are 6” in diameter across the top of the piece, allows 40% more water flow than 5”, and are used predominantly on large or steep pitch roofs

Uncontrolled rainwater can cause serious damage to a home’s exterior and eventual interior. Exposure to constant moisture can lead to structural rotting and decay, mold, mildew, and foundation and landscape damage.

If you have steel, vinyl or seamed aluminum gutter systems chances are you need to replace them. Steel gutters will rust, creating holes in the bottom of the gutter, prohibiting proper water flow, while vinyl and seamed systems are inadequately pitched, trapping water at the seams, creating multiple leaks.

A seamless gutter is a single piece of gutter formed on the jobsite to match the exact measurements of a particular job. Gutters can be run in lengths up to 100’

Yes. Any objects that could gather on a roof, like balls, twigs, or leaves blown in from trees around the home, will eventually find its way into the gutters, causing flow issues and overflow problems.

Black vertical lines on the face of gutters are sometimes called ‘tiger striping’. These dirt lines are difficult to remove, even with special cleaners.

If your gutters are damaged, old, or even just clogged, you’ll likely start seeing several symptoms. You may need gutter replacement services if you’ve been noticing or experiencing:

  • Cracks and holes.
  • Eroded landscaping.
  • Gaps and holes on your home’s siding.
  • Rotting materials.
  • Rusty gutters.
  • Sagging gutters.
  • Staining on your home’s siding.
  • Leaking downspouts.
  • Mold and mildew.
  • Peeling paint.
  • Water damage on fascia boards.