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Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Rogers Gutters & Exteriors Patio Covers: Pan Roof and Insulated Roof Systems

Enjoy the outdoors more! Transform that ordinary space into an inviting retreat with protection for patio furniture to be able to; entertain, grill, enjoy the weather on any kind of day, park your car, the possibilities are endless! With our fully customizable size, shape and roof design and are made with the option to convert into a screened room or vinyl enclosure. If you don’t already have concrete for your new outdoor space, we can take care of that too!

Rogers Gutters & Exteriors has long been a trusted name in home improvement, and their commitment to enhancing outdoor living spaces shines through with their impeccable patio cover solutions. Offering a perfect blend of style and functionality, Rogers Gutters & Exteriors specializes in Pan Roof and Insulated Roof Systems, providing homeowners with versatile and durable options to transform their outdoor areas into inviting retreats.

Pan Roof Systems:

These covers are made from high quality aluminum. They are manufactured never to rust, warp or crack. They can also accommodate ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Our all-aluminum patio covers mean no deterioration or termite damage. Our attractive, “maintenance free” covers allow you to stay cool on the hottest days, provide excellent rain protection, and block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Insulated Roof Systems:

The Elite Insulated Roof is one of the most popular products we sell and install. The 3”,4” walk on insulated panels, reduce heat by up to 15% AND it’s strong enough to walk on – a big plus for home maintenance. Our panels use a high-density polystyrene core designed to our specifications for superior strength and exceptional thermal insulation.  Our roof systems are adaptable to new or existing homes and can be designed to complement your current roof design, providing years of beauty and enjoyment. So go ahead, choose an Elite roof panel system and enjoy more of the great outdoors! Elite’s patented interlocking designs are attractive, structurally sound and engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. What’s more, Elite panels are affordable, easily installed and guaranteed to last.


Benefits of Rogers Gutters & Exteriors Patio Covers:

  1. Customization: Each patio cover is custom-made to fit the unique dimensions and style of your home, ensuring a seamless integration with your outdoor space.
  2. Durability: Built with top-grade materials, these covers are designed to withstand the elements, providing a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Whether it’s the Pan Roof or Insulated Roof System, both options contribute to an enhanced outdoor living experience, allowing you to relax and entertain with ease.

At Rogers Gutters & Exteriors we set a high standard with our Patio Covers, offering homeowners not just shelter but a stylish and functional extension of their living space. Whether you opt for the contemporary appeal of the Pan Roof System or the advanced comfort of the Insulated Roof System, you can trust Rogers Gutters & Exteriors to bring innovation and quality to your outdoor living experience. Elevate your patio with a cover that reflects your style and provides year-round enjoyment of the great outdoors.


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