Roller Shades


Manual & Motorized

Needing window shades for privacy, protection from the sun, stylish upgrade to the interior or exteriors of your home? You won’t find this quality or price selection in your local box stores!

Roller Shades Highlights

  • Custom Fit
  • 14 Fabrics
  • Cordless for safety
  • Manual or Motorized! Works with your home Alexa or Google Apps.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Interior or Exterior Spaces

Motorized roller shades represent the pinnacle of convenience and sophistication in window treatment technology. These innovative shades are equipped with motorized mechanisms that allow for effortless operation at the touch of a button or via remote control. With smooth, quiet motorization, adjusting light levels and privacy is as simple as pressing a switch. Motorized roller shades offer unparalleled convenience, particularly in hard-to-reach windows or areas with multiple shades. They also boast energy efficiency benefits, as precise control over sunlight can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs. Whether enhancing comfort in residential spaces or optimizing functionality in commercial settings, motorized roller shades seamlessly blend convenience, style, and efficiency to elevate any environment.

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Build Your Shades in 4 steps


Light Filtering

Light filtering fabrics offer a unique combination of privacy and ambiance. Allows light to gently filter through and provides privacy. Images and shapes may be seen through these shades, but details are not visible. Dark fabric colors provide moderate light control, while light colors provide lower light control.

Classic Blackout

Our signature blackout fabric combines a soft-brushed texture with a triple-coated white backing that prohibits lights from shining through and provides maximum privacy. For optimal light and glare control, outside
mount is recommended, or you may add a secondary soft window treatment (drapery or curtain) to hide the light gap on an inside mount.


Reflective Eco Screen

Our innovative reflective eco screen fabric is produced by applying an ultra-fine layer of aluminum to the fabric side that faces the window. The open-weave allows you to maximize natural light while providing 95% UV Protection. Note: lighted interiors allow inward visibility. If complete privacy is desired, a blackout fabric is necessary.


Price Chart

Standard Pricing will cover windows up to 71” length (height measurement from top to bottom):